Whether you’re staging a concert, organizing a conference, or putting on an exhibition, planning events can mean concentrating on a thousand things at once. Simple tell us what you want to do and we will work out exactly what is required. Various levels of service are available from dry hire to delivery and full erection.

Staging usually supports the centrepiece of your event. We can supply a variety of stage formats for your event. All stages are constructed from alistage which is safe and robust. We have some sample staging pictures, although we can adjust any of these to suit your venue or event.

Versatile & Strong Staging

Our alistage decks are constructed with an aluminium sub-frame, which supports a sheet of 18mm plywood, with a phenol coated anti slip surface. Each 8’ x 4’ section is certified safe for loads up to 3.5 tonnes.

Due to the versatility of our staging, it can be used indoors or outdoors. We have a large selection of stage decks available for hire. These can be added onto already existing stages to create a larger performance area, or an alternative design.

Maybe you require a catwalk for a fashion show, or just a platform for a public speaker.  

All stage decks of the same height are joined by adjacent unit couplers, which are quick and simple to use, and can join, decks together in either one or two directions.

Various heights are available to suit the venue / event. This allows for creative designs, including drum risers and tiered stages. The system also lends itself for use as a choral or viewing platform when supplied without seating.

Guardrails can also be fitted around the periphery of the units. This modular stage system construction means that units can be customized to fit specific areas. Our stage steps are constructed from individual treads rather than flights of steps at a pre-set height, giving total flexibility in design. Tread heights are in increments of 200mm to match our standard stage deck heights.

From full stages to single platforms, we are the stage company for you.

Marina Promotions only Professional Stage systems manufactured by  Alistage

Modular Stage Hire


A Selection of Stage Designs that Marina Promotions have delivered over recent weeks

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